A New Start for Meadow

A New Start for Meadow

  • 12/1/20

Neglect for an animal can be a death sentence. Meadow came to Berkeley Humane in April, after being found wandering alone, an obvious victim of neglect. We don’t know whether she was only kept for a backyard breeding operation, or something else.

Meadow could barely walk. The tangled mats of fur, feces, and debris on her legs were so huge that they restricted her movement and hid other medical problems.

Meadow on her way to surgery.

Meadow was transported to Berkley Humane where their veterinary team had the resources to create an immediate plan to help her.

After removing pounds of densely matted fur, the medical team found a mouthful of rotting teeth, cherry eye, and multiple masses on her underbelly.

Meadow on the mend.

She also needed to be spayed—important for female dogs to prevent mammary cancer and Pyometra, an infection of the uterus.

In just one day, their medical team gave Meadow the opportunity to find love with a new family. She received her four necessary surgeries, and her personality completely changed!

Meadow held her head up and trotted down the stairs with pep as she could finally move around comfortably. Meadow recovered beautifully in foster care over the next few weeks and the transformation kept going!

Her silly antics blossomed as she enjoyed walks around the neighborhood. Most importantly, her risk for tumors and cancer was greatly reduced.

Her years of suffering were over. In May—just a month after arriving at Berkeley Humane—Meadow gave a final goodbye lick and was off to start anew with her adopted family.

Meadow heads to her forever home!

Berkeley Humane was able to save Meadow because of the Hope Medical Fund, a restricted fund directly supporting Berkeley Humane’s onsite veterinary hospital. The Hope Medical Fund allows Berkeley Humane to give the most vulnerable animals the second chance they deserve.

Help the Berkeley Humane Society serve the furry community – Hope Medical Fund.

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