The "Fall Rally"

The "Fall Rally"

  • Andrea Gordon
  • 08/12/22

I don’t know about you, but my life has always felt like the new year started in September. The dreamy days of summer are past, and the invigorating cool mornings, matched with our perfect sunny afternoons have always brightened my spirits.

This is the magical season that Realtors call “The Fall Rally’’. It lasts from right after Labor Day to Thanksgiving. This is the time when a lot of more interesting floor plans, and more sexy houses come on the market – it is when the sunsets are beautiful and a sunset broker tour will actually be of use. It is when you will not be hurt by not having a large flat play area, or all the bedrooms on the same level. It is particularly when sophisticated, ultra architecturally cool sorts of homes sell well.

We have phenomenal weather generally throughout September and October, kids have gone back to school, there is time to focus on getting projects done, taking a breath and thinking of the fall like a fresh beginning.

There is likely to be a wealth of inventory coming on the market this fall. As the new reality of higher interest rates, inflation and constantly churning world events become more normalized, fear will be leaving both sellers and buyers. An attitude of, OK this is the present, “how do I make it the very best of this moment in my world” may well come into play.

I think that a more normal sales environment, where there are more properties for buyers to look at is healthy. I also think that the slightly lower numbers house sales will achieve in our cities will actually ultimately benefit everyone. I know it is hard to sell your house for less when your neighbor, just six months ago, got a lot more. In the end, it will all even out, because whatever you are buying next will be less expensive too.

Think about what will make your property stand out amongst other houses for sale. Educate yourself about the market and what else is for sale near your property. Look at what seems to be drawing the most buyers and emulate that. Your realtor should know how to generate interest in your property and what sorts of upgrades will bring the most interest.

And, as always, curb appeal and staging are super important. But recently, since the economic reports have been challenging, buyers seem much more attuned to issues that will come up and cost them money, so in the grand scheme of things, it is important to cure big issues, rather than spend all the money you allot for the sale preparation on aesthetics. If there is a foundation issue, or a problem with the roof or furnace, you may want to consider doing them. Making sure you have all property reports upfront will mitigate the potential for issues with buyers down the line. In other words, provide the buyer with an interesting, problem free, well documented and attractive house for sale, and you should do very well in this Fall Rally!

Here’s to wishing you a harvest of joy, good will, good health and prosperity in this beautiful, vibrant and mysterious fall season!

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