Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Stuff!

Spring Cleaning Is Not Just For Stuff!

  • Andrea Gordon
  • 01/15/24

I was thinking about what would be the best thing to talk about as we look forward to springtime in our area.

Yes, everyone loves to do a spring clean, as the days get longer, sunnier, and there is that wonderful crisp winter/spring air during the transition period between the seasons,  clearing out your junk is a really good use of your time.  It will make you feel lighter, brighter, more ready for whatever the rest of this year brings.

So far, 2024 looks like it will be a banner year for real estate.  There is super low inventory, that is easing a wee bit, and interest rates are coming down,. which will flood the market with a whole raft of new buyers.

So, my thought this month is to have you think about spring cleaning your minds about what to expect, what the market will be like, and to turn away from the doom and gloom the media seem to perpetrate and perpetuate upon us all!  The reality is, if your house looks and feels good, is well priced, and has no serious issues, your house will sell well in this market.  Not 2021 well, but it will fetch a great price nonetheless.  2021 was an aberration. You should look at the years around it, and average them together to get a basic idea of what your house, with its square footage and its particular plusses and minuses will sell for.

Then, think about what you want out of life.  If staying where you are will bring you joy, then don't sell.  If moving and embracing a new place will bring you joy, then consider selling. It's not always about ringing the last dime out of a property, it is also about what will bring you the best life possible.  So, if you have been afraid to sell, and are staggering up 60 steps to your front door, and not going out at night because you don't feel comfortable walking down the stairs, think about how much time, enjoyment and ease of life you would create for yourself moving someplace with an elevator, or no steps at all.

If you have always longed for a garden, but don't have one where you are, then manifest a garden for yourself. If you love wide open spaces, but live in a little craftsman with super delineated rooms, or vice versa, then look for what would make you happy. 

I cannot stress enough how creating the actual life you want is way more important than hanging on to something that doesn't suit you anymore, just because you have a low interest rate, or property taxes. Chances are, you are old enough to take advantage of Prop 19 anyway, and you can move that property tax base with you. 

If you love your home, and want to stay there, but need help- consider building an ADU.  They are getting easier and easier to build and permit, and having a place for a caretaker to live, or a kid to live, or elderly parents to live, can sometimes be a great choice.  There are more and more companies that do this all the time, and they have all the complicated building department requirements down to a science.

The main thing is to allow yourself to be happy, and to really figure out what would bring you that happiness. Most people don’t take their home environment into account except when they are buying, but really taking a long look and figuring out what will bring you joy when selling is a really good thing to do!

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