Lessons From the "Annus Horribilis"

Lessons From the "Annus Horribilis"

  • 01/1/21

Lessons from theAnnus Horribilis

This challenging, weird, alien, sad, destructive, and fraught-with-peril-year was succinctly summed up by HRH Queen Elizabeth as “Annus horribilis.”

Looking back on what was arguably one of the most “terrible, horrible, no good, very bad ‘years’,” also brought what is truly important and valuable - into vivid focus.
​​​​​​​Without calling them “resolutions” I endeavor to make my world a better, brighter, kinder place through practice, practice, practice. Here's how (in no particular order):​​​​​​​

Tell people you love them.

Be patient.

Take nothing for granted.

Everyone is BEAUTIFUL on Zoom, with, or without makeup.

Material “things” are just that - they can’t love you back.

“Love one another, eat healthy, appreciate beauty, and get a good night’s sleep” - all the things our grandparents told us would lead to a happy life, are true.

Fight for American Democracy, and a return to civility. “We the People” have the power to unite against despots and authoritarians. United we shall stand.

Give back, often and regularly!

Learn something new (2020 gave me time to learn two Chopin Nocturnes, most of Moonlight Sonata, and Mozart’s Rondo in D). I love playing my piano...again.

Exercise every day (like your health depends on it - because it does) - and enjoy it!

Go without sugar or alcohol (for months). Yes, you can too.

Raise people up - we are only as strong as the weakest members of our communities.

Embrace new technologies – become more efficient and tech savvy than ever.

Love your job. 

Express hope and compassion on all social media platforms to help heal the hurt, if only by degrees.​​​​​​​

To all my friends, family, colleagues and clients, I’m so grateful for all of you - for your ongoing support, love, and small kindnesses - that fill my heart every day. 

I’m looking forward to a hopeful, healthy, and prosperous New Year with all of you.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Andrea Gordon, Realtor®

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