New Decade - New Beginnings

New Decade - New Beginnings

  • 01/6/20

2020 Happy Note

Welcome to 2020! As I look forward to this new year – and decade – I have much to be grateful and hopeful for in the next.

It was with bittersweet emotion that I departed Red Oak Realty to join forces with COMPASS in early 2019. This dynamic company gave me the opportunity to open my own brick and mortar office at 2644 Ashby Avenue, in the heart of the Elmwood District, and, after tackling a steep technology learning curve, I’m delighted to say, it was a terrific decision – both personally, and professionally.

I’m thrilled with the dynamic and responsive support staff at COMPASS - Liana Rose, Troy Cotton, Vicky Alarcon, Agata Wardawy, Mike Schwartz, and William Kholmoos. I also hired Rachael Devlin to assist me – and keep my real estate office organized (a Herculean task), and Ramona d'Viola, a talented marketing professional who showcases my clients’ homes to their best advantage. I’m so grateful for you all, and love working with you! 

This past year, I’ve once again had the tremendous good fortune of working with dozens of good-hearted folks (and fortunately, only a couple of “problem people”). I closed out the year on an amazing trajectory with 54 sales, listings and buyers, and an exciting inventory of fantastic homes coming in the new year.

As an animal lover, it was with a sad heart that we euthanized Duncan, our beloved 17-year-old dog in November. Then, in December, our other pup, Leo, had to go in for emergency spinal surgery. I’m happy to report, he’s well on the mend today.

On a more personal note, I fulfilled a nearly life-long dream with the opening and closing of Lee Brady's Southern Lights at my Three Girl's Theatre production. I learned Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” (movements 1 & 2), and look forward to learning the 3rd movement “Presto Agitato” from my fabulous piano teacher Eric Lechner.

I continue to work with my amazing coaches, Vanda Martin for productivity, and Tara-Nicholle Nelson for CEO mentoring – in business and life. Recently, I completed a segment for American Dream East Bay television, with more video productions throughout the year, and, my book is progressing!

Lastly, there are the dark political days we’re living through. With amazing voter turnout, watchdog awareness, and political action, hopefully, we can turn the destruction of our beautiful country, around.

I have learned so much from 2019. A lot of it the hard way, but a lot of it from the great generosity and leadership of others. I want 2020 to be a great year for us all, financially, with great health and vitality.

Here's to kindness, beauty, truth, and love, mostly love, prevailing.

-- Andrea Gordon, Realtor®

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