El Cerrito

Flat lands or up in the hills, El Cerrito has it all - and good commute routes too!

Welcome to El Cerrito

If you’re looking for a car-free lifestyle, the EC flats are for you. Proximity to BART, access to public transportation, and the bike-friendly green way, this growing community has a young, upwardly mobile vibe, with lots of first time homeowners tending to their yards and gardens.

​​​​​​​Looking for million dollar vistas (without the Berkeley price tag)? Many El Cerrito Hills homes were built during the 1940’s, giving the area a Mid-Century feel, featuring large lots and breathtaking vistas.


Comparatively speaking, El Cerrito home prices are more affordable than other East Bay cities, and property tax rates in Contra Costa County are lower than those in neighboring Alameda County.

The elementary schools are not competitive with the communities located in Alameda County at present. Please research local schools in the area if this is a priority for your home search.

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